Business Overview

Business Overview

At Asahi Kogyosha Co., Ltd., we develop our business in installation work and the manufacture and sale of equipment according to our mission, as stated in our Corporate Philosophy, to “create optimal spatial environments through sophisticated technology based on the sciences of air, water, and heat.”



This is an essential, core business in the construction industry, which strives to harmonize the air, water, and heat in all kinds of spaces-spaces where people gather and hold activities, spaces where industrial goods like food or semiconductors are produced, spaces where people are born and rest. Asahi Kogyosha is primarily involved in air-conditioning installation and sanitation installation work.


Utilizing the air filtering technology and thermal-fluid control technology we have accumulated in our air-conditioning installation work, we develop, design, and make our own precision environmental control equipment for leading-edge industries, such as those involved in the manufacture of semiconductors and liquid crystal panels, and have been building up a solid record of achievements.